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I am a Tucson-based macabre assemblagist.

Memento mori – the awareness of our inevitable end – can be as entrapping as it is liberating. Everyday whisperings call on us to challenge and validate this fear. Through my own questioning in this space, I use left-behinds, dead organics, ephemera, and age-old crafty bits to construct new (and often sympathetic) monstrosities. 

Ingredients are sourced from just about anywhere – the rusty depths of an antique toolbox, an outdoor thrift yard in the Nevada desert, a holiday clearance bin, and trinkets from loved ones. I work with forced limitation by using almost exclusively what I have on hand. Instead of dreaming of a character and building it, new characters are almost always sparked while tinkering. In this process, the discarded can evolve into twisted intersections between life, death, beauty, grit, attachment, dissociation, power, helplessness, time, fantasy, and humor.

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